pages 59-60 (9.2005)

[corrected and completed via missed a few things when I originally transcribed these. ^^;]


(uno, dos, tres, catorce!)
(turn it up there, captain)

Lights go down, it’s dark
the jungle is
Your head can’t rule your heart
A feeling is so much stronger than a thought
your eyes are wide
And though your soul it can’t be bought
your mind can wander

        Hello, hello (hola!)
        I’m at a place called vertigo (como está)
        It’s everything I wish I didn’t know
          except you give me somethin' I can feel (feel)

The night is full of holes as bullets
rip the sky of ink with gold they twinkle as
the boys play rock and roll, they know that
they can’t dance at least they know
I can’t stand the beats, I’m asking for the cheque
The girl with crimson nails, has Jesus round her neck
   Swinging to the music, swinging to the music
Oh oh oh oh

        Hello, hello (hola!)
        I’m at a place called vertigo (como está)
        It’s everything I wish I didn’t know
          except you give me somethin' I can feel (feel)

(Check mated)
(Oh yeah)
(Hours of fun...)

          all of this
          all of this can be yours
          all of this
          all of this can be yours
          all of this
          all of this can be yours
              just give me what I want
              and no-one gets hurt

        Hello, hello (hola!)
        We're at a place called vertigo (como está)
        Lights go down and all I know
          is that you give me somethin'
          I can feel your love teaching me how
                     your love is teaching me how
                                              how to kneel (kneel)

(yeah yeah yeah yeah...)
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looseleaf stuck in notebook...

[the second of the two afore-mentioned Phisto stories, no more than started.. this one was also somewhat based on a drawing and a few poems I'd written.]

    You swore to me forever, forever! And I will remain here for all the time you swore I would not be alone.
    You left me alone. This sorrow which shades my entire existance, I did not think could still further grow, but it did, you tore these wounds open and spread them wide, infection was let within and the damages to my soul fester endlessly.
    This bleeding cannot be quelled, and you are not here to bind these wounds. All within me is rent into scarlet tatters, all I created around me is steeped in pain and loss.
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page 58

your tears fall on my sorrow-burnished skin
the place that you filled
    torn away
        a scathing tear through my heart

carmine curls in love's soft phrases
rings of mahoghany and gold
    strands of earth made rich by rain
    and shining iridescent in sun's warmth
and you, my darling, have gone from my arms
but my eyes see the world through the veil of memory
    images of you as ghosts before me
    senses allied in deception
        only touch refusing to bring you back to me
        (though I can yet feel your warmth against me)

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page 57

Falling into the hole in his soul and eyes
  painted black by the hour and her words
Phrases grow knotted and the harmonies
  collapse into dischord with the weight of conversation

two and a half dimensions
  lines fall away beneath unsteady feet
  and your words stick in flat air
      here, where no life breaches stone
      where light cannot diffuse shadow
tender wings shattered by blunt stares
  garish hues forced upon an unready world
  and so a stride falters on sand
      in such ways do lives lose meaning
      here, where dreams are shorn away
          winds of expectation which seer the place of tears
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looseleaf stuck in notebook...

[One of two Phisto-stories I begun around the same time, and do still intend to do something with. This one drew a inspiration from a drawing I did last year, Mackie alone in a long-disused room, head bent low...a drawing which was actually depicting something related to one of my earliest Mackie-stories! *laughs* Ahh, the endless cycles of ideas...]

     Rust colours the walls with the blood of time, time which scars stone and bleaches bone. The strongest of walls may fall, but still they last beyond the lives of men, though both shall turn to dust. Glory fades, its hues of scarlet, violet and gold, all gradiate with the years to a subdued continuity. All riches pass, wealth of gold and wealth of soul.
     So here we are, darling, in the ruins of our luxury, the aftermath from time's dilution of our decadence. Pleasure fades and the body numbs, beauty's casing cracking then falling away. Such change, my dear, how altered things became... Yet even now a beauty clings to the crumbling remains, our meticulous details giving way to the intricacies of cobwebs, the ornateness of moss and decay. The cracks which splay across the wood and stone as a lover's long hair, the rouge painted over skin long bereft of youth's glow.
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page 56

tarnished stars and the moon
draws her curtains about her
     light dims and the shadow
     at times prevails
nature's soliloqueys yearning but not heard
by men who scream away truth
     artificial sounds to block out
     the silence killing soul
images burn away under the gaze
of disinterested eyes that cover a needing heart
     justification of social location
     where you are is what you believe

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page 55

the larger the heart swells with love
  ...the more of it there is to later ache

the silver formed where earth and sky meet
    spiderwebs of old glass
    amidst soliloquey of shadows
rust forms a fringe on even the living
    decay's flowing hair covering stone
    time licks the walls clean of false hues
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page 54

the rose-gold pallor
lent these darkening streets
      artificial means
      to keep at bay natural failings
alone and unknown
eyes which see and are not seen
      heart unfettered
      and aching from its lack of chains

again surrounded
   and still scared and alone
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page 53

"I got no home in this world
  just gravity, luck and time
I got no home in this world
  just you
  and you are not mine..."

                    "Stateless", U2

not even time can touch these eyes
a soul caught aside
ever left behind

patterns familiar
   but beyond memory's recall

"there are no colours
    in your eye"

                 "Stateless", U2
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page 52

uneasy atmosphere in
  the grayness of reluctant memory
a melancholy song
  cloaks these dark-ringed eyes
sullen bleakness
  of rain that will not come

walls unreal
  scenery unseen
a forlorn cry
  echoing from steel
wings clipped
  this cage needs no bars

windows into nothing
  eyes unmet
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