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pages 63 and 65

     Give me your words, I beg of you, darling one, I shall perish if I cannot speak, but these phrases scatter at my every breath and I cannot reach them, though I grasp with all the longing in my ever-suffering soul. Your eyes, my soul as it should be glistens within them, your eyes that once were mine, your heart that I long ago abandoned, your soul that I should have had lies mistakenly within you, it left behind in me an abyss which nothing else can fill. Give me your words! Then at least I might tell of this seering pain, I shall have something of you, you who have stolen my existance, you who are living my life in reverse, you brighten and I fade to black... You are the one shining particle that escaped the black hole of my soul, you should not be! Not after all that I have done... You cannot be such as you are! How do you have those eyes? You, a mere human, have that which I, I! I could not gain eyes as those, perhaps I could have, if only ----- but no! I could not have had, never did I feel such as you, I was destined to fall, damned from before Creation, such is my fate, and in all my power I am yet powerless to alter it.
     And you, darling... All that I desire of you, I am unable to take. I, who seemed to know all things, am here at a loss, I am bewildered by you. So I remain, my thoughts are ever unsettled, the very core of my being disrupted and disturbed by every glance of your eyes - such small circles, yet encompassing every shade of the sky, which catches and reflects all in this world and the other.

[note: I s'pose that could be finished or not.. and yes, it's Mackie talking to Bono, though I'm sure someone else could find something else there as well, which's why I didn't specify 'til all the way down here. *g*]


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