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The sky lies flat and solid as a sheet of paper, a backdrop to the summer-green filigree of leaves and branches. Old stone and young eyes; a song germinates in the warmth of your heart, but its winding vines elude your mind and you cannot quite catch hold of it. As things foretold, your dreams drift away between your fingers, hands outstretched in search of fancies caught in the sheer sun-tinged haze between sleep and waking.

Love in a metro staircase
  caresses time once-named
Take me in
  over your soul's star

[the above created using a set of sex-magnetic poetry (a challenge to myself to make something clean out of it all *g*), the following an elaboration of it:]

Love slips from grates of a metro staircase
   seeping amidst ground much-worn
a thousand souls brush shoulders with air
   and caress time once-named
Take me in to your fluorescent embrace
   over your soul's star
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