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the legible version of Ananda's notebook(s)
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Thursday, January 20th, 2005

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page 48
"Good artists copy, great artists steal." - Picasso

    dreams per minute
  of new colours your brush gives life
    motions of change
    old motion in new form
        ideals stolen and reforged
        this cloth redyed to match your walls
    words writ and reversed
  the mirrors of your eyes refracting the world
    phrases grasped
    lyrics unleashed
        modulations beyond social range
        such keys unknown by man
            scrambling to unlock the soul
            with a thousand wrong combinations

dreams unbidden
  drown you

Current Mood: relaxed
page 49
the webs of your tangled dreams
   catch and strangle helpless prey
   the wings which should carry you
      torn away by razor-threads

eyes which shy from the attentions of the day
a voice falls quiet within the crowd
    the soul cries aloud
    but is not heard

breath of a lotus
this harp unstrung
   melodies unchained
   and thus unbound
life drawn out
   erased with the brush of a hand
         casual death
         a soul unmourned


Current Mood: hungry
page 50
dreams concealed on the fringes of existance
thieves of experience and graduation
    feet too eager to run
    the greater the jump, the greater the fall
            and the greatest of falls
            from trying to learn too quickly
"ambition bites the nails of success"
    and your fingers soon bleed

the rust of seasons hangs a ragged fringe
   on tired leaves of maple and chestnut
spires of man pierce the sun's painted canopy
   even echoes in time fade away

Current Mood: oh gheeeeeeee
looseleaf stuck in notebook...
a sketch of something I've been meaning to draw out in full for awhile...

..if you can't read my scrawl, just as well, saves the surprise for whenever I *do* draw it. XD

Current Mood: giddy

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