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page 70-72

from Faust, Goethe (translation: Alice Raphael)

"What man knows not, is just what he requires;
What man knows, he cannot use in any wise."

"Alas, but to our spiritual wings
No bodily wings are granted anymore!
Yet we are born with that desire
Which drives us up and onwards to aspire,
As o'er us, lost in space of azure sky,
Warbling its song, the lark must fly [...]"

"Alas! two souls within my breast abide,
And each one from the other strives to seperate.
The one, with love and healthy lust,
The world with clutching tentacles holds fast;
The other soars with power above this dust
Into the domain of our ancestral past.
O if there be spirits here,
Between the earth and heavens holding sway,
Descend now from the golden atmosphere,
Lead me to new and varied life away!"

[evil spirits]
"They listen gladly, injure with fond intent,
Gladly obey, at cheating gladly try;
From Heaven feigning to be sent,
They lisp like angels when they lie."

"Eritis cicut Deus, scientis bonum et malum." [if anyone can translate.. ♥]

"Devils and phantoms on this law agree:
Where they steal in, they must slip out again.
Slaves of the second law, of the first we're free."

"You will be in the end just what you are!"

"Mephistopheles: By the depths of rejected love! By all the elements of Hell!
If I only knew something worse by which to swear!

Faust: What's up? What stung you? Well, well,
What a face! I've never seen one like it anywhere!

Mephistopheles: I'd go straight to the devil
If I myself were not a devil in fact!"

"Mephistopheles: Look, what varicolored flames burn bright!
Here is a club with quite a lively tone;
In little circles one is not alone."

[a peddler-witch offers her wares, old weapons of betrayal, etc.]
"Mephistopheles: Good Aunty, you're quite out of date!
What's done is past, what's past is done.
Get in a stock of novelties!
By novelties only are we won."

"A young witch: Powder, like a petticoat,
Suits gray and wrinkled faces,
So I sit naked on my goat
And show my body's graces."

"With utmost pleasure I have come,
Well pleased with all I view!
Since from the devils I foretell
The way of angels, too."

"The shooting star: Down from the heights I darted fast,
Trailing sparks and fire;
Now I lie crumpled in the grass,
Who'll help to raise me higher?"

"Mephistopheles: Once more we are at our wit's end, since we have reached the border line where human senses fail. Why do you seek our companionship if you cannot see it through? You wish to fly, yet you are not immune from dizziness? Come, come! Did we thrust ourselves upon you or you upon us?"
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page 69

[were my printer/scanner being cooperative, I could give you an idea.. but this was me being bored and trying out a different handwriting, with a song stuck in my head]

I should have known you'd bid me farewell
There's a lesson to be learned from this
    and I learned it very well
Now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea
If I never hear your name again
    it's all the same to me

          And I think it's gonna be alright
          Yeah, the worst is over now
          The morning sun is shining
              like a red rubber ball

                       "Red Rubber Ball", Cyrkle
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page 68

amber lies scattered over the fading ground
   precious tones born of things now dead

Mortal Angel

     And I, once an angel, am now bound to your mortal world, abandoned in the fog of Time.  And you, pretty one, you look far more an angel than I, Heaven's Light resides in the corner of your bright eyes, eagerly finding beauty in all things. My eyes only darken, and I, who should be so much more than you, cannot see what you see.
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page 67

shadow begins to gently blend with skin
   a soft embrace
   a lover welcomed
       the sharpness of day worn away
       waves of time which smooth even diamond
nocturne of notes born before the stars

memory colours the world in its own fashion

artificial light casts the pallor of lifelessness
on a ground carefully sterilized
    your feet never touching true earth
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page 66

mackie - dark yrs.:
       - Mephistopheles-like - debonair and charming and all, but with a crudeness about him.

a bridge crossing nothing
passing through the gate closing on summer
dark forms shift in grey air

sunset bound, pinned down
   into scattered dots of seperated colour

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page 64

the flickering of images unreal
names re-forged in a city unfounded
pitches undecided, wavering in strained half-tones

          the devil's flower
             drains heart's soil
          your soul only fodder
             for vines which tear down
                   your mind

deceived by fate embraced
choice unseen and so unrefuted
      until now
      in this place where at last
            your blindness falls away
            mistakes tearing from you blinders to the fire

shades of degredation
scales of desire and regret
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pages 63 and 65

     Give me your words, I beg of you, darling one, I shall perish if I cannot speak, but these phrases scatter at my every breath and I cannot reach them, though I grasp with all the longing in my ever-suffering soul. Your eyes, my soul as it should be glistens within them, your eyes that once were mine, your heart that I long ago abandoned, your soul that I should have had lies mistakenly within you, it left behind in me an abyss which nothing else can fill. Give me your words! Then at least I might tell of this seering pain, I shall have something of you, you who have stolen my existance, you who are living my life in reverse, you brighten and I fade to black... You are the one shining particle that escaped the black hole of my soul, you should not be! Not after all that I have done... You cannot be such as you are! How do you have those eyes? You, a mere human, have that which I, I! I could not gain eyes as those, perhaps I could have, if only ----- but no! I could not have had, never did I feel such as you, I was destined to fall, damned from before Creation, such is my fate, and in all my power I am yet powerless to alter it.
     And you, darling... All that I desire of you, I am unable to take. I, who seemed to know all things, am here at a loss, I am bewildered by you. So I remain, my thoughts are ever unsettled, the very core of my being disrupted and disturbed by every glance of your eyes - such small circles, yet encompassing every shade of the sky, which catches and reflects all in this world and the other.

[note: I s'pose that could be finished or not.. and yes, it's Mackie talking to Bono, though I'm sure someone else could find something else there as well, which's why I didn't specify 'til all the way down here. *g*]

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page 62

"I always figured, they're making fun of you, they're paying attn. to you." - Prof. Fiet

"Was that disrespectful to the table?" - Prof. Fiet, after jumping up onto it

the shadow soothes closed your once-bright eyes
words of wisdom skewed, no longer discernable
   pearls shatter as glass beneath you
   feet loathe to touch the ground

you will not fade
  and so, you burn yourself away

    ideas stolen by dreams
    emotion taken by thought
           I am left an empty vessel

a storm of hearts
exhumed from an actor's gestures
such fire scars even stars

threads of conversation lost
caught in sultry sun-laden air
    and kept from reaching one abandoned
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page 61

soul drowned in song
the sun's heat only a vague perception
eyes dazzled by dreams brighter than diamonds
awkward steps taken by a soul of grace
touches saturated in heart
my name cold in absense from your lips
colours of time and colours of emotion's chords
pitches lean left and right of the world's scales
a frame curved and thus weakened
small and capable of the largest mistakes
the height from which your stars fall
galaxy's dust caught in the corners of your eyes
motion eased is easily misused
you freeze else you burn
lines which rule yet cannot bind

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